The Skyn- Roll

The Skyn- Roll

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Description: The Skyn Roll is recommended for the artist and all-in-one tattoo aftercare solution for the initial healing stage of a tattoo: a film that acts as a second skin’ to protect tattoo wounds from BACTERIA and at the same time, is permeable allowing the skin to ‘breathe’. It encourages faster healing time with minimal scabbing and is latex-free. The film assists the skin to heal naturally from the inside out, by locking in the body’s natural fluids and enzymes, which guarantees beautifully healed tattoos. It protects the new tattoo from friction and provides a waterproof, antibacterial barrier that prevents pathogens and environmental stressors from entering the wound.


» Latex Free
» Hypoallergenic

» Waterproof


15cm x 10m (6" x 32")



Q: Is it normal to have fluid under the SKYN as it is healing? My tattoo looks runny.

A: Absolutely! Your totally seeing ink, blood and plasma under the bandage which is completely normal. As your tattoo heals, the SKYN creates a proactive layer that keeps your body's plasma active over your healing tattoo which makes it look like there is fluid under the bandage.


Q: How long do I leave the SKYN bandage on for?

A: 8-24 hours. We recommend leaving it on for the first 24 hours; followed by removing, and gently cleaning your new tattoo with gentle unscented soap; air drying or patting with clean dry paper towel and then reapplying a new SKYN bandage, and leave new bandage on for 5-7 days!


Q: How do I remove the SKYN and will it hurt or cause damage to my tattoo?

A: It will NOT cause any damage to your tatty, and it shouldn't "hurt". It may cause slight isolated discomfort while peeling it off. WE RECOMMEND REMOVING THE SKYN IN A WARM SHOWER. Warm water is the key...let the warm water run over top of the bandage to loosen up the adhesive. 1. Take your time and gently peel or roll up the edge of the SKYN. 2. Slowly peel the SKYN away from your tattoo. Do not pull the SKYN up, pull it across.


Q: What is different between your adhesive barrier and your competitors?

A: The SKYN is thinner, with less irritation in crevasses than other brands. The corners do not peel up as soon as other products, and ours is an overall better product all together. Once you try it, you'll see the difference is a game changer!


Q: Should I prepare the skin before applying the SKYN adhesive barrier?

A: Be sure that the skin around the tattoo has been shaved. Removing a bandage from hair is less than fun! Do not clean a fresh tattoo with products containing isopropyl alcohol or glycerin. Both will dry out the skin and kill the body's own healing process. Glycerin can also react with the adhesive in the SKYN (and any other adhesive barriers) causing many issues from rashes to the adhesive binding too strongly. We recommend unscented Witch Hazel for cleaning the new tattoo before applying the SKYN.


Q: Can I swim or shower while wearing the SKYN?

A: Showering is fine, just keep it to a minimum. Water can weaken the adhesive of the bandage which allows for contaminants to enter the bandage, putting you at risk for inflection. Also, too much heat can inflame the skin and irritate the tattoo as well as separating the skin from the bandage, so watch the temperature of the water! Try and keep the bandage as clean and dry as possible until it's time to remove it!